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We are organizers of the following contests :
LZ Open Contest 80/40m - every 3rd Friday of January, 4 hours (from 18:00 to 22:00 UTC)
LZ Open 40m Contest - every first Saturday of April, 4 hours (from 04:00 to 08:00 UTC)
LZ Open 20m Contest - every first Saturday of June, 4 hours (from 08:00 to 12:00 UTC)
LZ Open SES Contest - every first Saturday of September, 4 hours (from 08:00 to 12:00 UTC)
LZ Open 80m Contest - every 3rd Friday of October, 4 hours (from 18:00 to 22:00 UTC)

We are free society of people who are interested in CW Contesting. The Club itself is an independent structure which is not a member of any National or International Oraganizations. We do not accept any bureaucracy.
We are certain that every Radio Amateur must be prepared to act independently in case of distress or natural disasters when the conventional communications and power mains are broken and an immediate need of exchange of information between the place of the disaster and the outside world is needed. That's why our contests are aimed to improve the operator's skills by exchanging short messages which are later verified for errors very strictly.

Membership: Open to everyone who loves CW Contesting. The Membership is free of charge. All the members are egal. Everyone has the right to propose. Everyone has the right to vote. No membership numbers.

How to apply: Online application (Free text) is to be sent to LZ1GL@yahoo.com or you can just note in your contest log that you wish to become a member. You can also apply for a membership verbally to any of the already existing members.

Chairman: Every member is considerd Chairman and he is free to do anything that he think might be usefull for our community.

Contest awards: Different awards may be issued for every single contest by volunteers. Everyone who wishes to design and manage any of the contest awards please inform us. His name and Callsign will be published and he will sign and send the certificates to the winners. Electronic certificates are also welcomed.(They will be placed at the site for download) If there are no volunteers awards will not be issued.

Member's list (alphabethical):
4Z4DX - Dov Gavish Ramat Hasharon, Israel home page
9A1AA - Ivo Novak Belitsce, Croatia
9A2KD - Branko Nakomcic Sisak, Croatia
9A3XV - Aleksandar Jugovic Zagreb, Croatia
9A7DCK - Denis Stefanic, 9A7DCK Kutnjak, Croatia Editor of 44.hr Internet bulletin
9A7R - Ivica Soric Braco Draganic, Croatia
AD4AA - Jimmy G Barnes Columbia SC , USA
BA4TB - Dale Yu Wuxi, China B4TB - contest call
CT1CZT - Antonio Gamito Feijo, Portugal
CT1DHM - Jose Carlos Antunes Moreira Lamego, Portugal
CT1ELZ - Manuel Pires Amadora, Portugal
DK4WF - Bernd Najork (Ben) Grossraeschen, Germany
EA5YU - Jose Rebollo Perez Cartagena (Murcia), Spain
ES5EP - Enn Parv Tartumaa, Estonia
G3LET - Peter Hobbs Pease Pottage, West Sussex, UK
GM0WED - Admund Holt St Ola, Orkney , Scotland
HA5BA - Lendvai Klara Budapest, Hungary
HA2ERO - Zoli - Zoltan Pek Szentkiralyszabadja, Hungary
HA7PL - Laszlo Dallos Ocsa, Hungary
HA8LKM - Gabor Turbucz Veszto, Budapest
HC2SL - Alfredo Solines Guayaquil, Ecuador
IK6BAK - Eliseo Chiarucci Pesaro - Italy , Manager of Marconi Memorial Contest CW HF
K2VX - David Wiesen - Silent Key Reston VA , US-silent key: reported in February 2010 QST
KA3DRR - Scot R. Morrison Shell Beach Ca, US KA3DRR.blogspot.com
LZ1GL - Krasimir Latinov Sofia, Bulgaria
LZ1NG - Nikolay Babarev Plovdiv, Bulgaria
LZ1NK - Nikolay Enchev Karlovo, Bulgaria
LZ1NY - Victor Marinov Sofia, Bulgaria web site
LZ1ONK - Ognyan Karavasilev Sofia, Bulgaria
LZ1PJ - Ivan Georgiev Ivanov Sofia, Bulgaria web site:www.qsl.net/LZ1PJ/
LZ1YE - Atanas Kolev Kazanlak, Bulgaria LZ1YE Print Service
LZ1ZF - Gosho - Georgi Vodenicharov Stara Zagora, Bulgaria Balkan Contest Club
LZ2CM - Plamen Georgiev Montana, Bulgaria
LZ2JR - Boris Sapunjiev Gabrovo, Bulgaria www.lz2jr.com
LZ2VU - Petar Radev Kubrat, Bulgaria
LZ3HI - Emil Stoikov Stara Zagora, Bulgaria www.LZ3HI.com
LZ3NY - Dimitar Krumov Sofia, Bulgaria TERRAHOST - Hosting Service
LZ3PZ - Lubomir Petrov (Lubo) Samokov, Bulgaria
LZ3RR - Valentin Cholakov Plovdiv, Bulgaria
LZ4AE - Angel Ahchiyski Kozloduy, Bulgaria
LZ5IL - Vladimir Nedev Smolyan, Bulgaria
LZ5VV - Ivaylo Marinov Sofia, Bulgaria
N1RR - Charlie "CHAS" Morrison Seekonk MA, USA
NS8O - Greg Weinfurtner Meigs County - Albany OH, USA
ON3ND - Yerganian Jean-Jaques Cherleroi, Belgium
OP4A - Francis Bauweraerts Turnhout, Belgium
PA3CLQ - Jan Pieter Oelp Geertruidenberg, Netherlands
PA3DBS - Peter Hendrikx GA Halsteren, The Netherlands
PG7V - JanJaap Vosselman TB Hulshorst, The Netherlands PG7V ContestCalendar
PI4RAG - Radioclub RAG Radio Amateurs Geertruidenberg, Netherlands
RN3BO - Igor Tchaikovsky Moscow, Russia www.rcwc.ru
RW3AI - Valery Bobrov Moscow, Russia
SP2DNI - Andy - Andrzej Michnowski Pszczolki, Poland
SP3VT - Marek Tomczyk Srem, Poland
SP8MI - Wojciech W. Gello Ustrzyki Dolne, Poland
S57KM - Sandi Bogataj Raca, Slovenia
TA1AN - Yusuf Kadioglu Tekirdag, Turkey
UA1CEC - Anton Nikitin St. Petersburg region, Russia
UA3AO - Valery Pakhomov Moscow, Russia morse keys collection
UN1F - Anatoliy P. Krinitsyn Ekibastuz, Pavlodar reg., Kazakhstan
UR5IHQ - Alexander Tolstolitko Yasinovatya,Ukraine
UU7JF - Vitaly A. Melnik Feodosia, Ukraine
VE3GTC - Graham Collins Embrun Ontario, Canada
VK6BN - Alan Derek Taylor Swan View, Australia www.qsl.net/VK6BN/
W1UJ - Jason V Corriveau Webster, MA USA http://W1UJ.net
XE1AY - Ismael Martinez Vizcarra Manzanillo, Colima - Mexico
YB0DPO - Dudy Widjaja Ramli-Silent Key Jakarta, Indonesia
YO3JW - Fenyo Stefan ( PIT ) Bucuresti, Romania, Bucuresti contest
YO4AAC - Savu George Braila, Romania
YO4BEW - Stefan Kalin Braila, Romania
YO9AGI - Mircea Badoiu Pucioasa , Romania
YO9AYN - Ion Dinca Jud. Dambovita , Romania
YO9FLD - Gabriel Breten Bucharest, Romania
YU1MM - Miroslav Maksimovic Belgrade, Serbia
YU1Q - Mile Vlaisavljevic Kragujevac, Serbia

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